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Parallel Transporter
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February 2022
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The DEFINE OPERATOR statement defines a Teradata PT operator object. Operator objects identify the Teradata PT operators, that is, the job components that actually perform the movement of data from sources to targets, as well as other supporting job functions.

Teradata PT provides a set of standard (or predefined) operators. These operators can be identified by means of the TYPE keyword as follows:

TYPE Definition
DATACONNECTOR PRODUCER DataConnector operator used as a producer
DATACONNECTOR CONSUMER DataConnector operator used as a consumer
DDL DDL operator
EXPORT Export operator
FASTEXPORT OUTMOD FastExport OUTMOD Adapter operator
FASTLOAD INMOD FastLoad INMOD Adapter operator
INSERTER SQL Inserter operator
LOAD Load operator
MULTILOAD INMOD MultiLoad INMOD Adapter operator
ODBC ODBC operator
OS COMMAND OS Command operator
SCHEMAMAPPER Schema Mapping operator
SELECTOR SQL Selector operator
STREAM Stream operator
UPDATE Update operator

For details on the capabilities, attributes, and required syntax for each of these standard Teradata PT operators, see the corresponding topics in this document.

Teradata PT allows you to define operators using a more generic use of the TYPE keyword. For example, those who wish to create their own operators must define TYPE using the following TYPE specifications:

TYPE Definition
PRODUCER Operators that produce a data stream from data received from a data source.
CONSUMER Operators that consume data from a data stream and load it into a data target.
FILTER Operators that filter data moving between a data source and a data target.
STANDALONE Operators that work alone without receiving data from, or sending data to, other operators.

For details on creating customer-coded operators Teradata Parallel Transporter Operator Programmer Guide (B035-2516).

Teradata PT has internal knowledge of its standard operators, such as the operator library file and its message catalog file, so that these properties need not be specified in the DEFINE OPERATOR statement.

Teradata PT has no such knowledge about a customer-coded operator, so the former must be specified via the EXTERNAL NAME keyword phrase and the latter via the MSGCATALOG attribute, if a standard name is not used. See MSGCATALOG “catalog-name” in Deprecated Syntax.