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The Pack attribute specifies the number of statements in a multistatement request. Specifying a Pack rate improves network/mainframe efficiency by reducing the number of sends and receives between Teradata PT and the database. A maximum of 2400 statements can be specified.

Trial and error might be required to determine the best Pack rate for a Stream job. As the Pack rate is increased, the throughput improvement is usually great at first, then falls off. In other words, going from a Pack rate of 1 to 2 could provide huge performance gains, and going from 2 to 4 could be just as beneficial, but moving from 8 to 16 might cause a performance drop.

If the PackMaximum attribute is set to 'Yes', the Stream operator determines the maximum pack for the job, and then reports it.

Two factors to consider are:
  • The maximum Pack factor based on Stream operator restrictions
  • The optimal Pack factor for a particular job

These two factors might not be equal. The maximum rate lets you know the upper limit, but performance might improve at a smaller rate. For this reason, it is recommended that PACKMAXIMUM not be used for production jobs until you determine the optimal Pack factor.