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The following syntax is required for job-level commands using twbcmd.


Syntax Element Description
jobId jobId is the jobName followed by a “-”, then followed by the Teradata PT-generated sequence number. jobName specifies the name of the target job.
- L jobLogDirectory Option that designates the location of the Teradata PT files created during job execution.

This option is only applicable when - L jobLogDirectory is specified in the tbuild or tdload command. jobLogDirectory is the full path name of the directory in which the Teradata PT files are stored.

This option is not supported on z/OS.

JOB CHECKPOINT Takes an immediate checkpoint, then continues the job.
JOB PAUSE Takes an immediate checkpoint, then suspends processing.
JOB RESUME Resumes a paused job.
JOB STATUS Writes a status record for each active operator instance to the TWB_STATUS log, and displays row processing statistics while continuing the job.
JOB TERMINATE Takes an immediate checkpoint, then terminates the job. The job retains the checkpoint files, and is therefore restartable.
JOB TRACELEVEL Enables job tracing at any time during job execution.

One of the following arguments is required when enabling job tracing:

  • ALL
  • BASE
  • EXEC
  • NONE
ALL Enables both BASE and EXEC job tracing during job execution.
BASE Enables job tracing of all job processes during job execution.
EXEC Enables execution tracing of all operator processes during job execution.
NONE Disables job tracing during job execution.