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The following table lists the operating features and capabilities of the Teradata MultiLoad utility and indicates whether they are supported by the Update operator or another Teradata PT operator.

Update Operator Feature Support 
MultiLoad Utility Feature Update Operator
Absolute field positioning (handled by the FIELD command) Not supported
Access Modules Supported, using the DataConnector operator
ANSI Date Supported
Checkpoint/Restart Supported
Character Sets Supported, using the USING CHARACTER SET clause before the DEFINE JOB statement
Configuration File Supported, using the tbuild command line job attribute option (-v)
CREATE TABLE Statement Supported, using the DDL operator
DATABASE Statement Supported
DELETE Statement Supported, using the DeleteTask attribute and the APPLY statement
DROP TABLE Statement Supported, using the DDL operator
Environment variable Not supported
Error Limit Supported
IF-ELSE-ENDIF constructs Not supported
Indicator Mode Supported, using the DataConnector operator
INMOD Routines Supported, via the MultiLoad INMOD Adapter operator
Maximum/Minimum Sessions Supported
Nonindicator Mode Supported, using the DataConnector operator
Notify Supported
NULLIF Clauses Supported, but not the XB, XC, and XG data types
Operating System Command Supported, using the OS Command operator
Pause Acquisition Supported
Predefined system variables (i.e., SYSDATE, SYSDAY) Not supported
Record Formats Supported, using the DataConnector operator
RECORD nTHRU m Supported in a limited form by the DataConnector operator, allowing you to read in the first "m" rows of a file, effectively allowing "RECORD 1 THRU m"
Replication Services override Supported
Routing of messages to alternate file Supported via Logger Services
RUN FILE Supported via Teradata PT script language
Schemas, more than one Not supported
Show Version information Supported
SQL statements (such as CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, etc.) Supported, using the DDL operator
Tenacity Supported
User-defined variables Limited support via script language
Wildcard INSERT Not supported (cannot use “INSERT INTO tablename.*;”)