16.10 - Loading LOB Data into a Teradata Database Table from External Data Files - Parallel Transporter

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Parallel Transporter
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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)

To load LOB data into a Teradata Database table from external data files, the Teradata PT script must use:

  • The Data Connector producer operator to read LOB data from an external data file, and
  • The Inserter operator to insert LOB data to a target table.

If the LOB columns are defined as BLOB (lengthBytes) or CLOB (lengthBytes) in the schema, data records in the external data file specified in the FileName attribute must have an 8-byte integer length indicator preceding the BLOB or CLOB data.

If the LOB columns are defined as BLOB (lengthBytes) AS DEFERRED BY NAME or CLOB (lengthBytes) AS DEFERRED BE NAME, data records in the external file specified in FileName attribute must have regular VARCHARs, known as LOB file locators, where the LOB columns are defined as deferred.

For a sample Teradata PT script in the sample/userguide directory, see:

uguide03.txt: Loading BLOB and CLOB Data into Teradata Database.