16.10 - DDL Operator Capabilities - Parallel Transporter

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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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The main task of DDL operator is to send SQL statements to Teradata Database to perform setup operations prior to executing load or export tasks.

The DDL operator is frequently used to create or drop error tables or indexes required by Teradata PT operators that will perform the main job tasks. You can, for example submit an INSERT…SELECT statement using the DDL operator to move data from one table in Teradata Database to another table in Teradata Database. The DDL operator is also used to perform mini-batch loading tasks.

The DDL operator is neither a producer nor consumer operator. It does not retrieve data records from the Teradata PT data stream nor put records into the data stream. An APPLY statement is used in a Teradata PT job script in which a DDL operator is defined.

Because conditions in the database may change between uses of a particular job script, you should always evaluate the need to add or change the DDL operator in the script before running a particular Teradata PT job.

The following figure shows the DDL operator interface.

DDL Operator Interface