16.10 - The DDL Operator Function in a Teradata PT Job - Parallel Transporter

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Parallel Transporter
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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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When you use the DDL operator in a Teradata PT job, Teradata PT directs an instance of the DDL operator to:

  • Log on to the Teradata Database using your user name, password, Teradata Database, and account ID information specified in the job script.
  • The operator terminates when scripts contain invalid or unsupported statements.
  • Submit a request (this can be one statement or multiple statements) to the Teradata Database and processes returned parcels from these statements.
  • Issue, if an error occurs, an error message and terminate, unless the error is specified in the ErrorList attribute, in which case the DDL operator ignores the error and continues processing the job.
  • Log off the Teradata Database.
  • Put out an end status indicating how many requests succeeded, failed, or were ignored.
  • Resume, in the case of a restart, at the group that was being executed, but failed to complete, in the previous execution.