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July 2017
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The FastLoad INMOD Adapter operator is a producer operator that allows you to use Teradata FastLoad utility INMOD routines within Teradata PT.

The term INMOD is an acronym for “input modification.” INMOD routines are user exit routines the FastLoad INMOD adapter can call to provide enhanced processing functions on input data records before they are sent to the Teradata Database.

You can use the FastLoad INMOD Routine with the FastLoad INMOD Adapter to read and preprocess input data values from files on the client system. These then provide the USING data for a subsequent SELECT statement.

For information on creating and using FastLoad INMOD Routines Teradata FastLoad Reference (B035-2411).

The FastLoad INMOD Adapter operator does not support the INMOD routines for any other Teradata standalone load or unload utility.

The following figure shows the FastLoad INMOD Adapter operator interface.

FastLoad INMOD Adapter Operator Interface

The existing TPT function names should not be used in User's INMODs. Using the existing TPT function names in User's INMODs might cause the normal operation of the TPT job to behave with unexpected results and prevent requests from completing normally.