16.10 - Call-Level Interface Version 2 (CLIv2) - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference

Parallel Transporter
Release Number
July 2017
Content Type
Programming Reference
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English (United States)

The application used by Teradata DWM to connect to the Teradata Database.

A collection of callable service routines that provide an interface between an application and the MTDP (for network-attached clients) or TDP (for mainframe-attached). CLI builds parcels that are sent to Teradata Database and provides the application with a pointer to each of the parcels returned from Teradata Database.

When used with workstation-attached clients, CLIv2 contains the following components:
  • CLI (Call-Level Interface)
  • MTDP (Micro Teradata Director Program)
  • MOSI (Micro Operating System Interface)