16.10 - ErrorTable1 - Parallel Transporter

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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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Load operations create an error table that captures errors during job runs. Jobs can use the default names of the error tables, or names can be user-specified as an attribute of the Load operator.

Error Table1 contains most of the errors connected with data and the data environment. The following types of errors are captured:

  • Constraint violations – Records that violate a range or value constraint defined for specific columns of a table.
  • Unavailable AMP – Records to be written to a non-fallback table about an offline AMP.
  • Data conversion errors – Records that fail to convert to a specified data type.
The names in the ErrorTable1 ErrorFieldName column have a maximum supported size of 120 characters. The names can be up to 128 characters, but if a row is inserted into ErrorTable1, the Teradata Database truncates any name that exceeds 120 characters.