16.10 - Duplicate Rows - Parallel Transporter

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Parallel Transporter
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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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Duplicate rows, which are exact duplicates of existing table rows, are never inserted, even if the target table is defined as a multiset table, which usually permits duplicate rows. Duplicate row violations are thus not captured in either Error Table 1 or Error Table 2. Instead, they are counted and reported in the status log at the end of a job.

If the target table is defined as a NoPI table, duplicate rows are inserted. NoPI tables are inherently multiset since no duplicate row checking is possible; with NoPI tables, duplicate rows can be on different AMPs. Therefore, no duplicate row elimination is performed.

If a table has a unique primary index, a circumstance where there is duplicate row takes precedence over a duplicate primary index error, meaning that the offending row is counted and reported, but it is not captured in Error Table 2.