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Use the following syntax to compile and link source files into a shared object module for notify exit routines on HP-UX client systems:

Compile Syntax

Link Syntax


HP-UX Syntax for Notify Exit Routines 
Syntax Element Description
-Aa Compiler option which enables compiler to conform to the ANSI standard.
-b Linker option that generates a shared object file.
-c Compile-only option (does not link).
cc Call to the program that invokes the native UNIX C compiler.
-D_HPUX_SOURCE Symbol that enables the compiler to access macros and typedefs that are not defined by the ANSI Standard but are provided by the HPUX Operating System.
ld Call to the program that invokes the native UNIX linker.
objectfile File that the compiler generates and linker uses to generate shared-object-name.
-o Switch to the linker.
shared-object-name Name of your shared object file. The shared-object-name can be any valid UNIX file name.

This is the name you specify in the NotifyExit attribute value supplied in the operator definition section of a job script.

When creating a shared object module for a notify exit routine, if the notify exit routine uses functions from an external library, then that library must be statically linked with the notify exit routine so that Teradata PT can resolve the external references.
+z Compiler option that generates Position Independent Code for all notify exit routines.
sourcefile UNIX file name(s) of the source file(s) for your notify exit routine.
+ul Compiler option that allows pointers to access non-natively aligned data.