16.10 - IBM OS z/OS - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference

Parallel Transporter
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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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  • JCL member PT$NTFYX in SAMPLIB to compile and link the Notify Exits, or
  • The following syntax from the shell or OMVS to compile and link source files to a DLL:
    cc -o "//'MVS.PDSE.LOAD(module_name)' "
          "//'MVS.PDSE.C(source_name.c)' " -W c,dll,expo -W l,dll


z/OS Syntax for Notify Exit Routines 
Syntax Element Description
-o Name of the executable load module that is produced during the link-edit phase.

In the following example, a load module named INMOD is placed in a z/OS PDSE named PDSE.LOAD, and the source code, INMOD, is compiled as a member of a z/OS PDSE named TEST.C:

cc -o "//'PDSE.LOAD(IMNMOD)" "//'TEST.C(INMOD)" -W c,dll,expo -W l,dll

Member names are limited to eight characters.

-W c,dll,expo Options passed to the compiler phase to indicate that the source is to be compiled as a dll with all functions exported.
-W l,dll Options passed to the link-edit phase to indicate that the module are linked as a dll.