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Parallel Transporter
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July 2017
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Consider the following:

  • To generate and use a notify exit routine with Teradata PT on a Windows client system, the routine must meet the following requirements:
    • Written in C
    • The _dynamn entry point is __declspec
    • Saved as a dynamic-link library (DLL) file
  • To generate an INMOD or notify exit routine on a network-attached Windows client, do the following:
    1. Edit the routine source file and ensure that the dynamn is named "__declspec."
    2. Create a dynamic link library by entering the following command (in Microsoft C compiler syntax) where sourcefilename is the name of your INMOD or notify exit routine source file:

      cl /DWIN32 /LD sourcefilename

      This command produces a file with the same name as the source file, but with a .dll file extension.

  • To use a compiler other than the Microsoft C compiler the documentation for that compiler for instructions on creating .dll files.

For sample scripts that generate INMOD and notify exit routines the following examples.