16.10 - Notify Exit Routines - Parallel Transporter

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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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The Load, Export, Update, and Stream operators support notify exit routines. A notify exit routine specifies a predefined action to be performed whenever certain significant events occur during a job, for example, whether a load job succeeds or fails, how many records are loaded, what the return code is for the failed job, and so on. Only the main instance sends a notify event.

Jobs accumulate operational information about specific events that occur. If the NotifyMethod attribute specifies the Exit method, when the specific events occur the operator calls the named notify exit routine and passes the following to it:

  • An event code to identify the event
  • Specific information about the event
The existing TPT function names should not be used in User's Notify Exits. Using the existing TPT function names in User's exits might cause the normal operation of the TPT job to behave with unexpected results and prevent requests from completing normally.