16.10 - Using Notify Exit Routines to Monitor Events - Parallel Transporter

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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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A notify exit routine (sometimes called an INMOD) specifies a predefined action to be performed whenever certain significant events occur during a Teradata PT job. Notify exit routines are especially useful in environments where job scheduling relies heavily on automation to optimize system performance.

For example, by writing an exit routine in C (without using CLIv2) and using the NotifyMethod and NotifyExit attributes, you can provide a routine to detect whether a Teradata PT job succeeds or fails, how many records were loaded, what the return code is for a failed job, and so on. In all cases, notify exit routines are dynamically loaded at run time, rather than link edited into the Teradata PT module.

The entry point for notify exit routines for all notify exits must be _dynamn.