16.10 - Using ODBC Operator with Oracle DATE Fields - Parallel Transporter

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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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The following limitations apply when the ODBC Operator runs on z/OS, UNIX, and Windows platforms.

  • Whether the TruncateData flag is ON or OFF, the ODBC operator will truncate the Oracle Date to Teradata Date if the target column is mapped to INTDATE or ANSIDATE. If you don’t want to truncate the Oracle Date then you must map the target column to TIMESTAMP or CHAR(19).
  • Normal “DATE” fields in Oracle cannot copy correctly over to Teradata's DATE field (in ANSI mode).
  • On some non-Teradata Databases, the DATE column type does not equate to Teradata's ANSI Date field.

    For example, on Oracle, the column type DATE is equivalent to the column type DATETIME, which has a format of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (equivalent to a CHAR(19)). Teradata ANSI DATE has a format of YYYY-MM-DD (equivalent to CHAR(10)).