16.10 - Using the ODBC Operator on HP-UX - Parallel Transporter

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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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Observe the following limitations when using the ODBC operator on the HP-UX platform:

  • The user *must* set the LD_PRELOAD environment variable to the path and name of the pthread library. For example:


  • ODBC operator cannot run simultaneously with the Teradata Access Module for Named Pipes due to a conflict in the setting of an environment variable associated with the ODBC Driver Manager.
  • On HP-UX Itanium platforms, Teradata PT requires HPUX B.11.31 or later for the ODBC operator library to be loaded.
  • On HP-UX Itanium platforms, before running any Teradata PT job that uses the ODBC operator, you must set the HPUX environment variable LD_PRELOAD as follows:


    After the Teradata PT job completes, unset the variable as follows:

    Unset LD_PRELOAD

    After the Teradata PT job completes, you can ignore the following message in case you see it:

    Teradata Parallel Transporter Version
    Job log: /opt/teradata/client/16.10/tbuild/logs/mdv-396.out
    Job id is mdv-396, running on i64hp5
    Job step LOAD_DATA completed successfully
    Job mdv completed successfully
    /usr/lib/hpux32/dld.so: Unable to find library 'libopcommon.so'.