16.10 - Using Teradata-Provided Branded Drivers - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference

Parallel Transporter
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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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Teradata will distribute the Teradata-branded Progress DataDirect ODBC Drivers.

The branded drivers are provided for DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL only, and using these branded ODBC Drivers requires that a valid license copy be placed with the ODBC drivers, or these drivers will continue to display lengthy warning messages when a job is run. The license to use the branded drivers must be requested from Teradata by your site team. You cannot use the Progress DataDirect license for these branded drivers.

If you do not have a Data Direct ODBC driver permanent license, please contact your Teradata Account Representative or Teradata Customer Support to procure a permanent license. Alternatively, you are can order the Data Direct Driver Connector license from Progress Software. For more information, go to https://www.progress.com/.