16.10 - Configuring ODBC Initialization Files (Unix Platforms) - Parallel Transporter

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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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Before using the ODBC operator to extract data from MongoDB, you must configure the ODBC initialization file on your platform to designate the DSN (data source name) in 'ODBC Data Sources' to point to the proper data source.

Please refer to Configuring ODBC Initialization Files for information on how to configure the DSN Settings for DataDirect ODBC drivers for MongoDB.

For Simba ODBC drivers for MongoDB, the configuration of the DSN Settings is not the same as DataDirect. Refer to the Simba-ODBC-Driver-for-MongoDB-Install-Guide.pdf, which is a part of the Simba ODBC Drivers for MongoDB installation.

The Simba ODBC Drivers for MOngoDB are certified on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms only.