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Parallel Transporter
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July 2017
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Timestamp Datatype is not supported with either Simba ODBC drivers for MongoDB or DataDirect ODBC drivers for MongoDB, because MongoDB uses this Datatype for its internal purposes and the drivers do not allow the data to be exported. Instead, use the Date type in place of the Timestamp in MongoDB.

Simba ODBC drivers for MongoDB support exporting the data from MongoDB in JSON format, which can be of type CLOB. But since the ODBC Operator does not support the CLOB type yet, you can cast it into VARCHAR, which can be a Maximum of 64KB, and then use the NEW JSON() procedure in the APPLY statement to export the data into Teradata database from MongoDB as JSON type.

In order to achieve this, Simba ODBC Drivers for MongoDB supports a syntax in the select statement as follows:

'SELECT DocumentAsJson FROM <collection Name>'
This feature and the above syntax is not supported by the DataDirect ODBC drivers for MongoDb, and is unique to Simba ODBC Drivers for MongoDB.