16.10 - Other Notes - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference

Parallel Transporter
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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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  • One SQL Inserter operator job can load a single Teradata table or view.
  • The target table must already exist.
  • Data can be loaded into an empty or populated Teradata table.
  • Only the Teradata SQL INSERT statement is supported. Any other Teradata SQL statements are not supported.
  • One Teradata SQL INSERT statement is allowed for a single SQL Inserter operator job. Multiple statements are not allowed.
  • One DML group is allowed for a single SQL Inserter operator job. Multiple DML groups are not allowed.
  • The SQL Inserter operator treats the entire loading job as a single explicit transaction. If any error is encountered during the insert operation, the SQL Inserter operator backs out all rows of data inserted up to that point and the job terminates.
  • The target table cannot be rolled back after the job is complete with no errors.
  • Row hash level locking is used during the job. The job does not lock the target table.
  • The SQL Inserter operator can support multiple instances, and each instance can log on one or more sessions based on the valued specified in the attribute MaxSessions.
    If multiple sessions are used and the data has duplicate primary index values, this could result in a potential Teradata Database deadlock 2631 error. To avoid this error, do not use multiple sessions with the TPT SQL Inserter operator.
  • The SQL Inserter operator does not require a Teradata Database load slot.