16.10 - Environment Variables - Parallel Transporter

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Parallel Transporter
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July 2017
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Programming Reference
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Most environmental variables are difficult to control or modify. They include such things as:

  • Whether the Stream operator is running on a TPA-node, non-TPA node, or an external client
  • The power of the client platform
  • The size of the pipe (network or channel) between the client and the database
  • Number of nodes and CPU power of the server
  • The Stream operator client software version
  • Teradata Database software version

Environmental variables become particularly important to consider when you are testing in one environment, and planning on moving a Stream operator job into production in an entirely different environment. Performance expectations based on a set of the Stream operator’s parameters that were optimized on a 1-node Teradata test system, are unlikely to be entirely effective when moved to a 20-node production system with a more powerful client and wider network bandwidth. Some parameter settings will have to be rethought moving from test to production.