16.20 - Automatic Restart - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter User Guide

Parallel Transporter
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August 2020
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An automatic restart means that a job can restart on its own without manual resubmission. With the default start-of-data and end-of-data checkpoints, a job can automatically restart itself when a retryable error occurs, such as a database restart or deadlock before, during, or after data loading. Consider the following when dealing with automatic restarts:

  • Jobs can automatically restart as many times as is specified by the value of the RETRY option of the Teradata PT job launching command (the -r option). By default, a job can restart up to five times.
  • If no checkpoint interval is specified for a job, and the job fails during processing, the job restarts either at the start-of-data checkpoint or the end-of-data checkpoint, depending on which one is the last recorded checkpoint in the checkpoint file.
  • To avoid reloading data from the beginning, especially for a long running job, specify a checkpoint interval when launching a job so the restart can be done based on the most recent checkpoint taken.