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The following table summarizes the function, type, and purpose of the Teradata PT operators.

For detailed information about operators, see Teradata® Parallel Transporter Reference, B035-2436.

Operator Summary 
Teradata PT Operator Needed TYPE Definition Action Standalone Equivalent
DataConnector operator as a consumer TYPE DATACONNECTOR CONSUMER
  • Writes to flat files
  • Interfaces with access modules
  • Writes to Hadoop files and tables
Data Connector
DataConnector operator as a producer TYPE DATACONNECTOR PRODUCER
  • Reads flat files
  • Interfaces with access modules
  • Reads from Hadoop files and tables
Data Connector
DDL operator TYPE DDL Executes various DDL, DML, and DCL statements DDL statements in utility scripts
Export operator TYPE EXPORT Reads bulk data from a Teradata Database FastExport
FastLoad INMOD Adapter TYPE FASTLOAD INMOD Processes data prior to writing to a data stream FastLoad INMOD
FastExport OUTMOD Adapter operator TYPE FASTEXPORT OUTMOD Processes data after an export FastExport OUTMOD
Load operator TYPE LOAD Loads empty tables FastLoad
MultiLoad INMOD Adapter operator TYPE MULTILOAD INMOD Processes data prior to updates MultiLoad INMOD
MultiLoad INMOD Adapter operator TYPE MULTILOAD INMOD FILTER Filters and cleans input data MultiLoad INMOD
ODBC operator TYPE ODBC Exports data from ODBC-compliant data sources OLE DB Access Module
OS Command operator TYPE OS COMMAND Executes OS commands in a job OS FastLoad command
SQL Inserter operator TYPE INSERTER Inserts data using SQL protocol BTEQ
SQL Schema Mapping operator TYPE SCHEMAMAPPER Verifies that the schema definition correctly describes the input data and allows data to be displayed in various formats for debugging purposes n/a
SQL Selector operator TYPE SELECTOR Exports data using SQL protocol BTEQ
Stream operator TYPE STREAM Performs continuous updates, deletes, and inserts into multiple tables TPump
Update operator TYPE UPDATE Performs bulk updates, deletes, and inserts MultiLoad
Update operator as a standalone TYPE UPDATE
DeleteTask attribute Deletes rows from a single table with a DELETE Task MultiLoad DELETE
Avoid using the keywords TYPE CONSUMER, TYPE PRODUCER, TYPE FILTER, OR TYPE STANDALONE in any operator definition.

Teradata PT now supports Online Archive. For more information, see the Teradata Database Administration book (B035-1093), available from https://docs.teradata.com/.