16.20 - Setting Up Configuration Files - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter User Guide

Parallel Transporter
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August 2020
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Before beginning to run Teradata PT job scripts, Teradata recommends that you set up the following global configuration files. Set up is normally only required at Teradata PT installation.

Configuration File Parameters Purpose
Global Job Variables File Allows you to specify global variables and values that can be used by many jobs.

Creating global variables helps eliminate the errors inherent in re-entering values in multiple job scripts.

It also allows you to keep such information as user name and password out of scripts where they may be seen by unauthorized persons.

Checkpoint Directory Setup for these directories is included in Teradata PT installation procedure.

For details, see the Teradata Tools and Utilities installation guide for your platform.

Log Directory

The contents of these configuration files can then be shared by all jobs.

Teradata PT supports configuration files on the following operating systems for the specification of Teradata PT system-wide configuration options.

Platform Configuration File
Windows <installation directory>\twbcfg.ini
UNIX <installation directory>/twbcfg.ini

Configuration options can also be customized by placing the following configuration file in the home directory:$HOME/.twbcfg.ini

z/OS Specified through the DDNAME of ATTRFILE.

To specify configuration file parameters use this form: <parameter> = <single-quoted string>;

For example, on a UNIX system:

GlobalAttributeFile = '/opt/teradata/client/ <version_number> /tbuild/global.jobvariables.txt';

CheckPointDirectory = '/opt/teradata/client/ <version_number> /tbuild/checkpoint'

LogDirectory = '/opt/teradata/client/ <version_number> /tbuild/logs';


  • GlobalAttributeFile is the path to the global job variables file.
  • CheckpointDirectory is where Teradata PT stores job checkpoint records.
  • LogDirectory is the directory where Teradata PT stores job logs.