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The following table lists and briefly describes twbcmd syntax elements for the operator-level command. For the complete syntax for the operator-level command, see the Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference (B035-2436).

Syntax Element Description
rate=statementRate Option that specifies the maximum number of DML statements per minute the Stream operator can submit to the Teradata Database.

Use the twbcmd Rate option to slow down a Teradata PT job for other higher priority jobs and to speed it up again after the priority job has completed.

When a job step contains multiple occurrences of the Stream operator with differing Rate values, Teradata PT will automatically use the lowest rate value for all instances.

The specified Rate value must be either:

  • a whole number greater than zero


  • unlimited
    The default statement rate, if not set using either the Stream operator Rate attribute or by twbcmd, is unlimited. Specifying ‘unlimited’ for the twbcmd Rate value means you are changing the value back to the default after having set the value in the Stream operator.

When the Rate option is used, the Stream operator changes the statement rate to the new value and displays a message showing the new value.

If the specified rate is greater than the packing factor, the Stream operator will send the number of rows equal to the packing factor.

periodicity=periodicity Option that specifies that the DML statements sent by the Stream operator to the Teradata Database be as evenly distributed as possible over each one minute interval. The periodicity value sets the number of sub-intervals per minute.

For instance, if the rate is 1600 and the periodicity is 10, then the maximum number of statements submitted is 160 (1600/10) every 6 (60/10) seconds.

Valid values are between 1 and 600.

The default value is 4, that is, four 15 second intervals per minute.

If the statement rate is unlimited, then the periodicity value will be ignored.

The periodicity can also be specified in a DEFINE OPERATOR statement, by using the Stream operator Periodicity attribute. When both values are present, the twbcmd periodicity value will supersede the Stream operator Periodicity attribute value.