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August 2020
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The following example shows a typical case in which the allowable rate is changed using an operator-level twbcmd. For required syntax, see the Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference (B035-2436).

A Teradata PT job named Sales_24_by_7 has a job step that employs the Stream operator. Stream operator executes continuously. The DEFINE OPERATOR statement for Stream operator in the job script includes the following attribute declarations:

INTEGER Rate              = 50,
VARCHAR OperatorCommandID = 'Sales_Inflow'

Suppose the volume of incoming sales transactions is increasing and a backlog of unprocessed transactions is beginning to develop. To double the maximum rate (per minute) at which the Stream operator is allowed to send DML statements to the Teradata Database, issue the following command:

twbcmd Sales_24_by_7 Sales_Inflow rate=100

For this command to be successful, the DEFINE OPERATOR statement for the Stream operator must declare the OperatorCommandID attribute and must assigned a value, either in the declaration itself (as above), or where it is referenced in the long-running job step. This enables the Teradata PT command processor to identify the operator process to which it will direct the requested change in the maximum DML statement rate.

The statement rate can also be specified in a DEFINE OPERATOR statement, by using the Stream operator Rate attribute. When both values are present, the twbcmd rate value will supersede the Stream operator attribute Rate value.