16.20 - Teradata Database Authentication - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter User Guide

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August 2020
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When a user accessing a Teradata Database is authenticated by the Teradata Database, values for the security attributes should be specified as follows:

Make sure that any UserName specified in a Teradata PT job script has the privileges necessary to carry out all operations covered by the logon.
Security Attribute Description Strategy
UserName The name of the user being authenticated for access to Teradata Database Required.

Specify a Teradata Database user name and password.

For information about creating users and assigning passwords, see Security Administration (B035-1100).

UserPassword The password associated with the UserName
TdpId Identifies the connection to the Teradata Database Optional.

If you don't specify a TdpId, the system will use the default TdpId, as defined in the Teradata Client clispb.dat.

To specify a TdpId, do the following:

  • For mainframe-attached clients, this value is the identity of the Teradata Director Program through which Teradata PT connects to the database. For example:
  • For network-attached clients this value is the name of the interface to the Teradata Database system, or logical host group. For example:
LogonMech The security mechanism used to authenticate the user.

TD2 is required for all Teradata Database authentication.

Optional, depending on security setup.

TD 2 is the default mechanism and the system will automatically defer to it unless the default has been set to another mechanism or TD 2 has been disabled.

LogonMechData Data required only by external authentication mechanisms to complete the logon. LogonMechData is not required for Teradata Database authentication, and is ignored.