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A consumer operator “consumes” data from the data stream in order to write it to the Teradata Database, or an external data target, such as a flat file.

Defining Consumer Operators

A script can have as many consumer operators as there are occurrences of the keyword APPLY. For more information, see “APPLY” in the Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference (B035-2436).

Following is a list of Teradata PT consumer operators:

Consumer Operators
Operator Description
Operators that Write Data to a Teradata Database:
Load The Load operator writes data into an empty Teradata table. It is based on the standalone FastLoad utility protocol.
Update The Update operator can perform INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations on one to five Teradata tables. It is based on the standalone MultiLoad utility protocol.
Stream The Stream operator continuously loads data into Teradata tables. It is based on the standalone TPump utility protocol.
SQL Inserter Inserts data into Teradata tables with SQL sessions.
Operators that Write Data to an External Target:
DataConnector (consumer) Writes data directly to an external flat file. The DataConnector operator can also write data through an access.

The DataConnector operator can also write data into files and tables in Hadoop.

Operators that Process and Write Data to an External Target:
FastExport OUTMOD Adapter Enables a standalone FastExport utility OUTMOD routine to be used to post-process rows exported from Teradata tables, before writing them to external flat files.

Script Requirements

When you define a consumer operator in a Teradata PT script, required specifications include:
  • In the operator definition
    • A name for the operator (maximum of 255 characters, with no spaces).
    • The name of the output schema, if different than the input. Use SCHEMA * if the input and output schemas are the same.
    • Declarations for all required attributes.
  • In the APPLY statement
    • An APPLY TO clause that names the consumer operator.

Teradata PT limits the number of tables consumers can load simultaneously, as follows:

Teradata PT Operator Maximum Target Tables
Load 1
Update 5
Stream 127
SQL Inserter 1

Example: Consumer Operator Definition

Load Operator