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Checkpoint files must be specified in the tbuild command that restarts the job. Checkpoint files can be found in the following options locations, depending on how your site and the job are set up.

  • In the Global Configuration File -- twbcfg.ini

    The Teradata PT installation automatically creates a directory named checkpoint (in italics) as the default checkpoint directory under the directory in which the Teradata PT software is installed. This checkpoint directory name is automatically recorded in the Global Configuration File (twbcfg.ini) during the installation of the Teradata PT software.

  • In the Local Configuration File -- $HOME/.twbcfg.ini(UNIX system only

    On a UNIX system, the checkpoint directory can be set up through the Local Configuration File -- file twbcfg.ini (in italics) in your home directory. The Local Configuration File takes precedence if the CheckpointDirectory entry is defined in both the Global Configuration File and the Local Configuration File. Any changes made to the Local Configuration File affect only the individual user. On Windows there is no Local Configuration File.

  • As defined by the tbuild -r option
    tbuild -f <filename> -r <checkpoint directory name>

    The -r option of the tbuild command sets up the checkpoint directory with the specified name. This option overrides -- only for the job being submitted -- any default checkpoint directory that is specified in the Teradata PT configuration files.

    For more information about setting up checkpoint directories, see the Teradata Tools and Utilities Installation Guide for UNIX and Linux.

If the entry CheckpointDirectory is defined in both configuration files, the one defined in the local configuration file takes precedence. Note that whatever is specified in the local configuration file affects only its owner, not other users.

On the z/OS platform, checkpoint datasets are defined in the Job Control Language for a Teradata PT job.

For information on setting up the configuration files for the checkpoint directories, see Setting Up Configuration Files.