16.20 - Restarting with a Default Job Name - Parallel Transporter

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August 2020
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When no job name is specified in the tbuild statement at job launch, Teradata PT assigns a default name to the job that is based on the login name, and creates a checkpoint file called <username>.LVCP.

Jobs executed under the same login name, therefore, use the same <username>.LVCP file, which can be a problem if a job fails because the checkpoint file associated with a failed job remains in the checkpoint directory.

Starting a new job before restarting the failed job results in unpredictable errors because the new job will use the checkpoint file of the failed job. To avoid such errors, do the following:

  • Restart failed jobs and run them to completion before starting any new jobs.
  • Always delete the checkpoint file of failed jobs before starting a new job. Restarting a failed job after deleting its checkpoint file will cause it to restart from its beginning.
  • Always specify the jobname parameter for all jobs so every job has a unique checkpoint file.