16.20 - Support for Checkpoint Restarts - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter User Guide

Parallel Transporter
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August 2020
English (United States)
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Support for checkpoint restartability varies by operator:

  • The following operators fully support checkpoint restartability:
    • Load
    • Update
    • Stream
    • FastLoad INMOD Adapter
    • FastExport OUTMOD Adapter
    • MultiLoad INMOD Adapter
  • These operators support limited checkpoint restartability:
    • DataConnector operator is fully restartable when processing files in the local filesystem. Checkpoint restartability is partially supported when processing Hadoop files via the HDFS API interface, and not supported when processing Hadoop files and tables via the TDCH-TPT interface. For more information, see the “Processing Hadoop Files and Tables” section in the Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference (B035-2436).
    • Parallel Transporter Reference.
    • DDL is restartable from the SQL statement that was being executed, but had not completed, at the time the original run of the job terminated.
    • Export and SQL Selector operators are restartable, but not during the exporting of data, as these operators take a checkpoint only when all of the data has been sent to the Teradata PT data stream. Restarting from this checkpoint prevents the operators from having to resend the data.
  • The following operators do not support checkpoint restartability:
    • SQL Inserter
    • The ODBC operator does not support checkpoint and restart operations because it is unknown how the databases to which it can connect will handle restarts.