16.20 - Error Table - Parallel Transporter

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Parallel Transporter
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August 2020
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Each error table row can include up to ten columns of information that you can use to help determine the cause of the error. You can specify any or all of these columns, in any order, in the SELECT statement used to access the error table.

The following table lists the Stream error table columns that can be specified.

Error Table Columns 
Column Contents
DataSeq Sequence number assigned to the input source in which the error occurred.
DMLSeq Sequence number assigned to the DML group in which the error occurred.
ErrorCode Code for the error.
ErrorField This field is zero for the Stream operator.
ErrorMsg The Teradata Database error message for the error.
HostData Client data being processed when the error occurred.
LoadStartTime Queue Insertion TimeStamp (QITS) value indicates when the job started. On restart, it indicates when the job restarted.
RowInsertTime Indicates when the row was inserted into the Stream operator error table.
SourceSeq Sequence number assigned to the row from the input source (the DataSeq number) in which the error occurred.
STMTSeq Sequence number of the DML statement within the DML group (as indicated by the previous column DMLSeq) being executed when the error occurred.