16.20 - When the Job Fails to Begin Running - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter User Guide

Parallel Transporter
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August 2020
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When a job is launched but fails to begin execution, the associated errors appear in the public log. Errors are detected according to the launch sequence:

  1. Teradata PT first processes the options specified in the tbuild command. If it detects tbuild command errors, the job stops.

    Error types encountered: tbuild command errors

  2. If Teradata PT encounters no tbuild command errors, it then parses the job script and creates a parallel job execution plan that will perform the operations specified in the APPLY statement(s) in the job script.

    Errors types encountered:

    • Preprocessor errors -- Incorrect use of job variables or the INCLUDE directive.
    • Job script compilation errors -- Syntactic and semantic errors.
  3. Only when script compilation is successful and the execution plan has been generated does the Teradata PT allocate resources for and launch the various internal tasks required to execute the job plan.

    Errors types encountered: System resource errors

The following common types of tbuild errors may occur at job launch:

  • User errors
    • executing the tbuild command
    • script compiler errors
  • System resource errors
    • semaphore errors
    • socket errors
    • shared memory errors
    • disk space errors