16.20 - Pre-processor Errors - Parallel Transporter

Teradata® Parallel Transporter User Guide

Parallel Transporter
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August 2020
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Before the job script is parsed and compiled into an execution plan, Teradata PT does the following:

  • If the script contains any INCLUDE directives, the script text from the file identified in each INCLUDE directive is imported into the job script text at the location of the INCLUDE directive. For information on INCLUDE Reusing Definitions with the INCLUDE Directive.
  • If the job script contains references to any job variables, each such reference is replaced in the job script by the corresponding job variable value, taken from the job variable value source with the highest precedence. For information on job variables, see Using Job Variables.

Error Case 1: INCLUDE Error

Error Message: The file identified in the INCLUDE directive cannot be found.

Cause: The INCLUDE directive file reference is not the name of a file in your tbuild execution directory or the correct path of an existing file.

Corrective Action: Correct the file reference and resubmit the job.

Error Case 2: Job Variable Error

Error Message: Undefined job variable.

Cause: The sources for job variable values available to your job do not contain either the identified variable, or a value for the variable.

Corrective Action: Add a job variable assignment to at least one of the sources of job variable values, and resubmit the job.