Running a Scatter Plot Analysis - Teradata Warehouse Miner

Teradata Profiler Plug-in User Guide

Teradata Warehouse Miner
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November 2017
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  1. Open a Scatter plot analysis:
    1. In the Profile Project Explorer, right-click a scatter plot analysis.
    2. Select Open.
  2. Choose the data columns to be included:
    1. Select a database.
    2. Select a table.
    3. Select one or more columns to profile from the Available Columns list.
  3. [Optional] Add columns from another table.
    1. Select the columns to profile. The selected table appears in Join Tables.
    2. Double-click a table to view the Join columns. The Join column defaults to the primary index.
    3. Right-click a Join column to move or remove it.
    4. Right-click a Join column and select Add Join Column to add a Join column.
    5. Right-click a table and select Remove to remove the table from the analysis. If two or more tables are selected, configure the Join columns for each table from top to bottom in the Join Tables list.
  4. Configure the expert options:
    1. Click .
    2. [Optional] Enter a Where Clause to restrict rows selected by the analysis. The Where Clause should only contain the conditions.
    3. Click OK to apply the Where Clause to the analysis.
  5. [Optional] Configure the scatter plot options:
    1. Click .
    2. Change the Sample row count. The default is 1,000 data points (rows).
    3. Click OK.
  6. Run the analysis by clicking . The results appear in the Results View.
  7. Save the analysis by clicking . The analysis definition is saved into the metadata database for this connection.