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When completing the Presto connector installation on systems using Viewpoint 16.20, if you do not want to provide SSH credentials in the QueryGrid portlet, use the following procedure to:
  • Run the installation script on the control node that uses Ansible to distribute the JAR files to all the nodes and use the Starburst Admin playbook to restart Presto.
  • Verify the installation.
Presto is restarted as part of the installation process.
Starting with QueryGrid 2.06, the presto qgremote and qginitiator JAR files are combined in the loaderfactory JAR file.
  1. Copy the script from the following path on a Presto node and paste in the control node where Starburst Admin is installed:
  2. Log on as an Administrator on the control node.
  3. Change the directory to where the script was copied:
  4. Run ./ by providing the required inputs, for example:.
    	--starburst_admin_loc /root/sp/trino/admin/ansible_collections/starburst/admin 
    	--inventory_hosts_file /root/sp/trino/admin/ansible_collections/starburst/admin/playbooks/hosts_681 
    	--connector_bin_loc /opt/teradata/tdqg/connector/tdqg-presto-connector/ 
    	--starburst_install_loc /usr/lib/starburst
    The script deploys the .jar files to the SEP plugin directory (default /usr/lib/starburst/plugin) and uses Starburst Admin playbook to restart Presto.
  5. Verify successful execution of the script as indicated by lack of displayed errors.
  6. [Optional] Verify the loader-factory-version.jar file is installed to applicable directories:
    tdh234m1:~ # ls /usr/lib/starburst/plugin/qgplugin/loader-factory-version.jar