Install a Presto Connector using a Teradata QueryGrid Portlet | Viewpoint 16.20 - Completing the Presto Connector Installation with the QueryGrid Portlet (Viewpoint 16.20 and later) - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

Teradata QueryGrid
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July 2022
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When adding a connector to a fabric, QueryGrid performs the following tasks on the cluster nodes:
  • Creates the directories required for completing the installation.
  • Installs the Presto connector package. The Presto connector package includes a loader-factory JAR file.
Use the following procedure to complete the installation and configuration of the Presto connector on systems using Viewpoint 16.20 and later. During the procedure, you must provide the SSH credentials of the control node.
The control node can be either a master node or worker node. You can also use a node outside of the cluster from where multiple clusters are configured and managed using a separate ansible inventory file for each cluster. SSH credentials are not stored in the QueryGrid portlet and are used only to complete the installation and configuration of the Presto connector.
The procedure includes the following:
  • Getting the details of the control node through Viewpoint and copying an installation script to the control node.
  • Running the installation script on the control node that uses ansible to distribute the JAR files to all the nodes and uses the Starburst Admin playbook to restart Presto.
  • Verifying the installation.
Presto is restarted as part of the installation process.
  1. Make sure the connector package has been downloaded from Teradata software download site and uploaded to the QueryGrid portlet, and that the connector has been added to the fabric.
  2. Under Fabric Configuration, select Fabrics.
  3. Select the fabric containing the initiating node.
  4. Select the Connectors tab.
  5. Select "" next to the Presto initiating connector for the initiating node and select Install.
  6. From Connector Installation, select one of the following:
    • Active
    • Pending
  7. In the Select driver node list, select a driver node to run the installation script.
  8. To allow the installation script to run, provide the following information:
    Option Description
    Control Node Host: Enter the address or host name of the control node where Starburst Admin is installed.
    SSH User: Type root.
    Password Enter the password for the root user.
    Starburst Admin Location Enter the path where Starburst Admin is installed on the control node.
    Starburst Install Location Enter the name of the directory to install the JAR files. The default location is:


    Ansible Inventory Hosts Enter the path of the Ansible inventory file on the control node for this SEP cluster.
  9. Select Run.
  10. Verify successful installation by checking that the driver node specified in the Select driver node list is represented in the Success field.
    If the installation is successful, the JAR files are distributed to the worker nodes. When installation is complete, Presto restarts.
    If an error halts the installation, Presto does not restart.
  11. [Optional] Log on as an Administrator on the worker nodes and verify that the loader-factory-version.jar file is installed to applicable directories:
    tdh234m1:~ # ls /usr/lib/starburst/plugin/qgplugin/loader-factory-version.jar