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When you create links and associated properties in the QueryGrid portlet, you are creating Configuration Name Value Pairs (NVP). NVP does the following:
  • Specifies the behavior of the target connector component
  • Configures how data is transformed
  • Configures the underlying link data transportation layer

Links are named configurations that include the target connector. If the same property is set for a link and a connector, the link setting overrides the connector setting.

Important: The Generic JDBC connector is only available as a target connector.

Basic Tab

Generic JDBC Connector
Name Default Description Overridable?

Property Name

JDBC Connection URL None The JDBC connection URL for data sources.

This is a required setting.


Security Tab

Generic JDBC Connector
Name Default Description Overridable?

Property Name

Authentication Mechanism DB User Indicates the authentication mechanism used on the target data source.

Valid values are DB Users and Kerberos.

Keytab None Absolute path to the Kerberos keytab file.

QueryGrid only uses the keytab file for authentication when a username and password are not provided.

User Name None Name of the user or service account for the external data source.  
Password None Password of the user or service account to connect to the external data source.  

Query Engine Tab

Generic JDBC Connector
Name Default Description Overridable?

Property Name

Schema or Database Name None Schema or database name provided in the user query. If no value is entered, the system adds the username as the default.  
Catalog Name None Catalog name needed by the target data source. Only applicable for HELP queries.  

Advanced Tab

Generic JDBC Connector
Name Default Description Overridable?

Property Name

Unsupported Data Type Error Out Use to choose between Error Out or Cast to Varchar when the Generic JDBC connector has an unsupported data type.

Applicable only to import/export queries.

Valid values are Error Out or Cast to Varchar.

Temporary Schema or Database Name None The schema or database name for temporary database creation.


Enable Logging INFO Logging level for the connector or link properties. User-level log settings can be set through the Add or Edit link page in the QueryGrid portlet.

Valid values are NONE, WARN, INFO, and DEBUG.

Number of Transfer Threads 3 Number of threads to use for uploading or downloading data in a single request on a node.

Valid values are 1–5


Link Buffer Count 4 Maximum number of WRITE buffers available on a single channel at one time.
Link Buffer Count overrides the default internal fabric property shmDefaultNumMemoryBuffers.

Valid values are 2–16.


Response Timeout 86400000 The number of milliseconds to wait for the target query to complete before timing out and stopping the operation. The fabric stops and releases all resources associated with queries whose duration exceeds the value set on the target link properties or the target connector properties. Connectors timeout when responses from the fabric exceed their response timeout value.

Valid values are 300000–172800000.


Connection Max Idle Time 86400 seconds The maximum idle time for the connection cache object, after which the object is closed and removed from the cache. Use this property when there are multiple concurrent users and queries running on the system that might lead to starvation of connection objects.

Valid values are 1–86400 seconds.

Connection Pool Size 100 Maximum number of connection objects that can be stored in a connection pool. When acquiring a new connection, the connector checks for an available space in the pool. If no space is available in the connection pool, the connection fails after 5 minutes. Only one connection pool and username per connector configuration is allowed.

Valid values are 1–10000.

Connection Evict Frequency 30 minutes Frequency of eviction checks. Connection objects from the pool are checked, closed, and removed if the idle time (current time - last time of use) of a connection object is greater than the Connection Max Idle Time setting.

Reduce the time between checks if there are multiple concurrent users running queries to clear the connections more frequently.

Valid values are 1–1440 minutes.