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July 2022
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Global Types to Presto Data Types

The initiator connector maps global data types to Presto data types.
Global Data Types denoted with an asterisk (*) are only available with Teradata Database 16.20 Feature Update 1 and later.
Global Data Type Presto Data Type
G_Array Array
G_Array_VC_UTF16 / G_Array_VC_Latin * Array
G_Bigint Bigint
G_Blob Varbinary
G_Boolean Boolean
G_Byte Varbinary
G_ByteInt Tinyint
G_Char_UTF8/Latin Char(n)
G_Char_UTF16 Char(n)
G_Clob_UTF16/Latin Varchar
G_Date Date
G_Decimal Decimal
G_Double Double
G_Float Real
G_Integer Integer
G_JSON_UTF16 / G_JSON_Latin * Varchar
G_Longvargraphic Varchar(n)
G_Map Varchar (Character Set Unicode)
G_Number Decimal
G_Row Row
G_SmallInt Smallint
G_STGeometry * Varchar
G_Time Time
G_Timestamp Timestamp
G_Varbyte Varbinary
G_Varchar_Latin Varchar(n)
G_Varchar_UTF8 Varchar(n)
G_Varchar_UTF16 Varchar(n)
G_Varchargraphic Varchar(n)
G_XML * Varchar
Others Currently not supported

Presto Data Types to Global Types

The target connector maps Presto data types to global data types.

Presto Data Type Global Data Type
Array G_Array
Bigint G_BigInt
Boolean Boolean
Char(n) G_Char_UTF16
Date G_Date
Decimal G_Decimal
Double G_Double
Integer G_Integer
Interval day to second G_IntervalDayToSecond
Interval year to month G_IntervalYearToMonth
Json G_Json
Map G_Map
Row G_Row
Smallint G_SmallInt
Time G_Time
Time with time zone G_TimeWithTimeZone
Timestamp G_TimeStamp
Timestamp with time zone G_TimeStampWithTimeZone
Tinyint G_Tinyint
Varbinary G_Blob
Varchar G_Clob_UTF16/Latin
Varchar(n) G_Varchar_UTF16
Others Currently not supported

Presto String and Binary Types Considerations

Presto connector has a restricted maximum size for the following column types:
  • BLOB – 2GB
  • CLOB – 2GB-1
  • VARCHAR – 64k
Due to the in-memory nature of these types, a large amount of resources are required on the Presto side when their sizes near 1.7GB. Therefore, caution is advised when inserting large Teradata CLOB or BLOB columns into the Presto string or binary columns when using QueryGrid.
Teradata testing has found that Presto contains the exchange.http-client.max-content-length property which needs to be set high enough for Presto to transfer a large data page. There is a known limit in current Presto release which limit CLOB and BLOB data to 1.7GB.