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Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

Teradata QueryGrid
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July 2022
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The AWS CloudFormation Template (CFT) for Presto can run a bootstrap script on each Presto node before becoming fully online. The bootstrap script resides on the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) and is defined by the BootstrapScriptURI in the CFT options for Presto. Use this script to specify Presto catalogs and deploy QueryGrid on the new Presto nodes.
  1. Create a Presto AWS CFT stack.
    Refer to the Starburst Enterprise documentation for deploying Presto on Amazon for more information.
    Make a note of the PrestoCoordinatorURL value from the Stack Outputs tab after creation.
  2. Extract the IP from the PrestoCoordinatorURL, to be used in later steps.
  3. Create a QueryGrid Presto system in Viewpoint
  4. Generate and download the tdqg-node.json token file for the system.
    For information on downloading tdqg-node.json, see Adding Nodes Manually
  5. Upload tdqg-node.json to Amazon S3.
  6. Create a QueryGrid Presto connector in Viewpoint and use the IP address from the PrestoCoordinatorURL for the Server property.
    Make a note of the QueryGrid Presto Connector software version for the newly created connector.
  7. [Optional] Create and upload any Presto initiator catalog property files needed as described in Uploading the Initiator Catalog File for Presto on AWS CFT.
  8. Perform the following:
    1. Download the node package.
      For more information, see Downloading Required Packages.
    2. Unzip the node package.
      The TDQG_DEPLOYMENT script can be found at: qgdeployment/presto/aws_cft/
  9. Rename to a unique name, such as
  10. Edit with the following values:
    Value Description
    TDQG_NODE_JSON_FILE The S3 URI for tdqg_node.json goes here, for example: s3://my_bucket/tdqg_node.json
    TDQG_PRESTO_LOADER_FACTORY_VERSION The connector version goes here with a 02.xx.xx.xx format.
    TDQG_PRESTO_CATALOGS_PATH The S3 URI for the folder containing only the initiator catalog files. Leave it blank if you only use presto as a target connector.
  11. Upload to Amazon S3.
  12. Run the stack update wizard, providing the S3 URI for in the BootstrapScriptURI prompt.
    The Presto CFT stack is rebuilt and QueryGrid is installed on the Presto nodes.