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Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

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July 2022
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A Network defines the rules that determine which IP addresses to use for QueryGrid communication. Rules can be defined using Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation or by matching interface names. Networks are referenced by links and there is an initiating network and target network for each hop. When no network is selected, the QueryGrid Fabric tries to establish connections in parallel using all available networks. The Fabric selects the first network that succeeds in establishing a connection.
  1. Under Fabric Components, select Networks.
  2. Select "" next to Networks.
  3. Enter a name, up to 256 characters.
  4. Enter a description, up to 1,000 characters.
  5. Select one of the following network connections:
    Option Description
    Use matching network interfaces Network connections are made using available node addresses (default). You can select one of the following matching rules:
    • CIDR notation

      Enter the CIDR designation for the physical network interface. You can enter up to 500 characters.

    • Interface name

      Enter the interface name.

    You can add multiple matching rules by selecting "" next to Matching rules or "" to remove rules.

    Use load balancer address Select for a network connection through a load balancer. Instead of connecting to individual node IPs, connections are made using the load balancer address or hostname.
    No ingress Select when you do not want to have direct network connections. Nodes behind the network must poll for connection requests and establish connections in reverse.
  6. Select Save.