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Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

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July 2022
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In some Teradata systems, fiber-channel connection (FICON) nodes are used as parsing engine-only (PE-only, as opposed to having AMP) nodes with no network connectivity. Although they do not have AMPs, FICON nodes still require access to a QueryGrid query or a query that references a view referencing a QueryGrid query. If the FICON nodes do not have network connectivity, they need to use the following features:
  • The QueryGrid Manager proxy feature to access QueryGrid Manager
  • The QueryGrid bridge feature to access remote systems
To run QueryGrid using this configuration, the following is recommended.
In this scenario, Hop 1 uses a BYNET network interface as the initiating and target network; Hop 2 uses the customer LAN network.
  1. From Edit System select the Enable Proxy connections to QGMs for nodes that do not have direct access checkbox.
  2. Select Connectivity through local nodes.
    Use the default port and network values.
  3. Add nodes in the following order:
    1. Add non-FICON nodes to the system, if not already added
    2. Add FICON nodes
  4. To route PE requests from the Teradata FICON node to a target system, do the following:
    1. Set up a QueryGrid link as a single bridge.
    2. Make sure the bridge includes all the TPA nodes that have connectivity to all target nodes.