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July 2022
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The command is used to import a system from one QueryGrid cluster to another. Both clusters must be running both QueryGrid Manager version or later and the system being imported must be running tdqg-node version or later.

Run the command from one of the QueryGrid Managers in the same cluster you want to import the system into.

When running the command, you are prompted to provide the following information:
  • Hostname and credentials to the QueryGrid Manager instance where the system to import resides
  • Name of the system to import
  • Designate if the importing cluster becomes the primary or secondary cluster for the newly imported system
[root@clusterA ~]# /opt/teradata/tdqgm/bin/ 
Starting import-system command, just a moment...
Enter remote QueryGrid Manager hostname containing the system to import: qgm1-clusterB
Enter remote QueryGrid Manager service username: support
Enter remote QueryGrid Manager service password: ********

1. TD1
2. TD2

Select a system to import [1-2]: 2

Data Center
1. San Diego
2. Las Vegas

Select the data center where the system is located [1-2]: 1

Cluster Option
1. Make this QueryGrid Manager cluster the primary cluster
2. Make this QueryGrid Manager cluster a secondary cluster

Select the cluster option [1-2]: 2
Ready to import the system from QueryGrid Manager "qgm1-clusterB". Do you wish to continue?  [y/n]:  y
Starting system import...
System configuration imported.
Waiting for nodes to register...
Continuing to wait for nodes to register
Nodes registered successfully.
System successfully imported