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Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

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July 2022
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  • The Generic JDBC connector is a target connector only and cannot be used as an initiating connector.
  • All Generic JDBC target connector nodes must be driver nodes for communication and data transfer to and from the target system.
  • Install the Generic JDBC target connector on a host that is able to reach the target database and not on target database nodes.
The following are the minimum requirements for a Generic JDBC target connector node to install the QueryGrid 2.x software:
  • 2 CPUs
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50GB disk space
  • For supported operating system versions, refer to the Teradata QueryGrid Compatibility Matrix.
  • Memory requirements as defined in the fabric/connector setup
  • Latest version of JAVA 8 or 11

When using the Generic JDBC connector, the system running the QueryGrid driver process handles a greater workload as compared to other connectors. The CPU and memory configuration of the driver node has a significant impact on query performance. Multiple driver nodes can be used for load balancing.


The default JVM driver has a default 500MB maximum heap size. Teradata recommends increasing this value to 10GB when using the Generic JDBC connector due to the increased workload experiences by the driver node. You can change the value by setting the QueryGrid system property driverMaxHeapSizeMB to 10000 (10GB) and restarting the tdqg-node service. Heap usage increases with the number of concurrent queries.