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Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

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July 2022
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Analytical Ecosystem
The steps for upgrading Teradata QueryGrid Manager are similar to those for installing it, whereas the upgrade processes for connectors, fabrics, and node software differs from the installation process.
If upgrading a site with a full Vantage stack and analytical nodes, open an incident with the QueryGrid GSO team for consultation before upgrading.
For connectors and fabrics, the upgrade process allows you to test new versions before deploying the new versions to production. Upgrades to these components are considered configuration changes. For each configuration, three versions can co-exist:
  • Active
  • Pending
  • Previous

This protocol provides for pushing changes to all systems before implementation, allowing you to test new connectors and fabrics on production deployments without affecting production workloads.

You can also update links, networks, and communication policies. Like connector and fabric upgrades, such updates are considered configuration changes and are subject to the same version and deployment protocol.

The upgrade process for QueryGrid node software differs from the installation process, with the final deployment steps being handled automatically by the pre-existing version of the software.

Upgrade Considerations

The following considerations apply when upgrading QueryGrid Manager from QueryGrid 2.04 and earlier to QueryGrid 2.05 and later:
  • Previously collected log data and query metrics are reset.

    QueryGrid metrics that display in Viewpoint are maintained and not reset.

  • Query summarization and system health checks are suspended during the rolling upgrade until all Managers are upgraded to the new version. Teradata recommends performing rolling upgrades in quick succession to minimize the amount of time different versions are running simultaneously, while still making sure each instance is upgraded successfully and comes online before starting the next upgrade.
  • Wait to perform diagnostic checks and node install operations until after the rolling upgrade completes to avoid timeouts or failure.
The following considerations apply when upgrading QueryGrid connectors from QueryGrid 2.04 and earlier to QueryGrid 2.05 and later:
Connector Type Description
  • Installation step is not required when upgrading from 02.04 and earlier versions.
  • Proceed to run the connector installation step if it was not run on a previous version of QueryGrid.
  • (On-premises only) If installing or upgrading a Presto server, complete the connector installation steps using Viewpoint 16.20.
  • Installation step and target import and export of UDFs are not required as of QueryGrid version 02.05.
  • If the ADD JAR command is not allowed on Hive (for example, CDH with Sentry), the Hive class path must be configured.
Spark No installation steps required when upgrading from QueryGrid 02.04.
Oracle No installation steps required.
BigQuery No installation steps required.