2.06 - Oracle Data Type Mapping - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

Teradata QueryGrid
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September 2018
English (United States)
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Global Types to Oracle Data Types

The initiator connector maps global data types to Teradata data types.

Global Data Type Oracle Data Type
G_Array Varchar (Character Set Unicode)
G_Array_VC_UTF16 / G_Array_VC_Latin Array
G_Bigint Bigint
G_Blob Blob
G_Boolean Byteint
G_Byte Byte
G_ByteInt Byteint
G_Char_Latin / G_Char_UTF16 Char (Character Set Latin / Unicode)
G_Clob_UTF16 / G_Clob_Latin Clob
G_Date Date
G_Decimal Decimal
G_Double Double precision
G_Float Float
G_Integer Integer
G_IntervalDayToSecond Interval day to second
G_IntervalYearToMonth Interval year to month
G_JSON_UTF16 / G_JSON NVarchar2
G_Number Number
G_SmallInt Smallint
G_Time Time
G_Timestamp Timestamp
G_TimestampWithTimeZone Timestamp with time zone
G_TimeWithTimeZone Time with time zone
G_Varbyte Long raw
G_Varchar_Latin Varchar (Character Set Latin)
G_Varchar_UTF16 NVarchar2 (Character Set Unicode)
G_XML NVarchar2
Others Varchar2

Oracle Data Types to Global Types

The target connector maps Teradata data types to global data types.

Oracle Data Type Global Data Type
Binary_Double G_Double
Binary_Float G_Float
Blob G_Blob
Char G_Char_UTF16 / G_Char_Latin (based on charset)
Clob G_Clob_UTF16
Date G_Date
IntervalDS G_IntervalDayToSecond
IntervalYM G_IntervalYearToMonth
Long G_Clob_UTF16
Long raw G_Blob
NChar G_Char_UTF16
NClob G_Clob_UTF16
Number G_Number
NVarchar G_Varchar_UTF16
RAW G_Byte
Timestamp G_TimeStamp
Timestamp with local time zone G_TimeStamp
Timestamp with time zone G_TimestampWithTimeZone
Varchar2 / Varchar G_Varchar_UTF16 / G_Varchar_Latin (based on charset)
Varray G_Array
User must have access to SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE.
Others Currently not supported