2.06 - Completing the Presto Connector Installation by Running the Installation Script Manually (Viewpoint 16.20) - Teradata QueryGrid

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September 2018
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When completing the Presto connector installation on systems with Viewpoint 16.20, if you do not want to provide SSH credentials in the QueryGrid portlet, use the following procedure to:
  • Run an installation script that uses presto-admin to unpack and distribute the loader-factor-version.jar file to the worker nodes.
    After the JAR files are successfully installed, Presto restarts.
    As of QueryGrid 2.06, the presto qgremote and qginitiator JAR files are combined in the loaderfactory JAR file.
  • Verify the installation.
  1. Log on as an Administrator on the node where Presto (presto-admin) is installed.
  2. Change the directory:
    cd /opt/teradata/tdqg/connector/tdqg-presto-connector/presto-connector-software-version/bin
    For example:
    tdh234m1:~ # cd /opt/Teradata/tdqg/connector/tdqg-presto-connector/1.0-371_SNAPSHOT/bin
  3. Run ./install.sh. The script deploys the .jar files to the /usr/lib/presto/lib/plugin directory and invokes the presto-admin utility to restart Presto.
  4. Verify successful execution of the install.sh script as indicated by lack of displayed errors.
  5. [Optional] Verify that the loader-factory-version.jar file is installed to applicable directories:
    tdh234m1:~ # ls /usr/lib/presto/lib/plugin/qgplugin/loader-factory-version.jar