2.06 - Restore - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

Teradata QueryGrid
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September 2018
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The restore command is located at /opt/teradata/tdqgm/bin/restore.sh. It requires the name of the backup file to restore as an argument.


To get help for the backup command, use the --help option:

/opt/teradata/tdqgm/bin/restore.sh --help


usage: restore [options] <backup-file>

Restores the QueryGrid manager configuration from a backup file in the event of a catastrophic failure.


 -a,--public-address <address>   The address other managers and nodes use
                                 to access this manager instance.
 -d,--data-center <name>         The name of the data center to join.
 -f,--force                      Force the restore to start without requiring confirmation.
 -h,--help                       Print this message

Example: Restoring Teradata QueryGrid

To restore the system, run:

/opt/teradata/tdqgm/bin/restore.sh <backup_file>
Enter public address for this manager instance [<public_address>]:

where <backup_file> is the path name of the backup ZIP file, similar to ~/tdqgm-backup-2016-06-16.zip and <public_address> is the hostname or IP address of the Teradata QueryGrid Manager system; for example: test.mydomain.com or

Result (note, enter y at the prompt):

A restore from backup removes all data previously saved on this manager instance and 
all local manager services are restarted.  This manager instance becomes a standalone cluster. 
Other managers can join this instance using the join-cluster command.  

Do you wish to continue? [y/n]:   y 

Stopping QueryGrid Manager...

Deleting previous state...

Restoring configuration data...

Data Centers
1.  San Diego

2.  Las Vegas

3.  Atlanta

4.  Richmond

Select data center of local manager instance [1-4]: 3

Restoring tdqg-node-
Restoring tdqg-teradata-connector-1.0-224-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz...
Restoring tdqg-fabric-
Restoring tdqg-teradata-connector-1.0-12-SNAPSHOT.zip...

Starting QueryGrid Manager...
Restore completed successfully.